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The Judge: Mr.M.Hamada
We welcome Mr.Hamada as an appointed judge of the thirty-seventh Akiho LA Branch Show. Mr.Hamada was selected by
the main headquarter this year as one of the qualified judge to supervise the oversea branches.
Judging the Akita Inu is one of the long time passions for Mr.Hamada. He is a certified Akita Inu judge since 1973.
Currently, he resides in town of Omagari in Akita Prefecture, which is located approximately 50 miles south of Odate city.
Again, please welcome Mr.Hamada to our growing chapter of Los Angeles.
Akiho Los Angeles Branch Committee 2/13/2005
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Yoken Class Female Wakainu Class Female Sohken Class Male Seiken Class Female
(6 - 10 month) (11 - 18 month) (19 - 30 month) (49 month and over)
Yoken Class Male Sohken Class Female Seiken Class Male
(6 - 10 month) (19 -30 month)   (49 month and over)
* Photo by Mr.Rosenthal & Ms.Miyabayashi*
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