The Judge: Mr.T.Kita
We welcome Mr.Kita as an appointed judge of the thirty-sixth Akiho LA Branch Show. Mr.Kita was selected by
the main headquarter this year as one of the qualified judge to supervise the oversea branches.
Judging the Akita-dog is one of the long time passions for Mr.Kita. He has been the member of Akiho since
1963. On 1993, his kennel, Meiri-Soh(), was cited with Kensha-goh (top kennel award) by nurturing
over five Toku-yuu dogs. Mr.Kita became the chapter judge on 1996.
Again, please welcome Mr.Kita to our growing chapter of Los Angeles.
Akiho Los Angeles Branch Committee 2/8/2004
** Click the each class to see the photo **
Yochiken Class Female Yoken Class Male Sohken Class B Female Sohken Class A Male
(3 - 6 month) (6 - 10 month) (19 -30 month) (31 - 48 month)
Yochiken Class Male Wakainu Class Female Sohken Class B Male Seiken Class Female
(3 - 6 month) (10 - 18 month) (19 - 30 month) (49 month and over)
Yoken Class Female Wakainu Class Male Sohken Class A Female Seiken Class Male
(6 - 10 month) (10 - 18 month) (31 - 48 month) (49 month and over)
* Photo by Mr.Kaichi, Mr.Kawasaki, Mr.Nakaji and Mr.Rosenthal *
* Photo "Lake Balboa" Ms.N.Kuwashima(Apple user member) *
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